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There’s no shame admitting that we’ve all been there… on two feet as the credits roll, wide eyed, furiously googling your new favorite stars' Instagrams, scanning Twitter for memes. You know THAT energy? That electricity you feel when the binge is done but you just want MORE? That very feeling is the central theme of Netflix & Tudum’s next breakout hit: We Have The Receipts. Hosted by Chris Burns and Lauren Speed-Hamilton, We Have the Receipts is a weekly all-access deep dive into Netflix Unscripted Reality! Joining Chris and Lauren will be this week’s top trending guest(s) - maybe a talked-about player from Love is Blind Season 2 or even some fan-faves from Too Hot To Handle. Must-see-TV is taken to the next level through prompts, games, conversations, segments, and immersive audience engagement that foster unpredictable moments and shocking reveals. With the free-flowing depth of podcast conversations and viral elements of TV’s best talk shows, We Have The Receipts is an upbeat, fan-first destination to uncover more insider secrets, more expert hot takes, and more off-the-rails drama from their favorite Netflix reality stars.