puh-dohp-uh-lo (Noun)
  • The next dimension of podcasting where effortless discovery of the perfect listen meets meaningful conversation, connection, rewards, and mission-driven impact
  • A smart podcast matchmaker or ‘dating app’ helping podcast fans easily find the right podcast at the right moment, and podcasters find and grow the perfect audience to expand their reach and influence
  • A gathering place to fuel your brain, calm your soul, or open your heart – whether you’re looking for cutting-edge learning, bingeworthy entertainment, podcasts to soothe, uplift or inspire you, or ways to engage in conversation with hosts and friends about what matters to you
  • A haven for creators who want an easy and timesaving way to grow their reach, influence, and impact and make money doing it, while fans reap valuable rewards just for listening and engaging – from free products to measurable charitable impact
We believe in the power of podcasting to change the world.
Podcasts inspire growth, innovation, connection, fun, creativity, hope, healing, learning, and transformation. And when people gather together around the ‘podfire’, amazing things happen. A life-changing connection or epiphany, plus the good feeling of having contributed to a cause of your choice just by listening.
If you’re a podcaster

You want to be seen and heard. You want to make a difference. You want to grow your audience faster – and with ease.

And you probably want to make some money doing it – maybe a lot of money, or maybe you just want to cover your expenses as you amplify your influence to make an impact. Either way, on Podopolo it’s easier than ever for you to reach your goals.

If you’re a podcast fan

You might listen because you want to escape into a gripping story, have a laugh, or fall asleep. You may want to catch the latest news. Or you may want to learn a new hobby, a career-advancing skill, or get the inside skinny on a cutting-edge trend from tech or crypto to health and beauty.

How would it feel to be matched up with exactly what you wanted faster than ever before – all with a way to easily connect and discuss podcasts with people like you? Podopolo makes it effortless for you to find the podcasts and people that will make a difference in your life.

If You’re a Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner…

You know that podcasting is a surefire way to connect more deeply with your customers and community – and amplify your mission as you build your bottom line. Podopolo’s powerful AI-driven audience insights and engagement platform gives you a competitive edge.

Welcome home. You’ve arrived.

Our mission
Is to enlighten, entertain, empower, and elevate

We’re passionate about podcasting because it has the power to improve lives and change the world. We believe the best content inspires conversation and community. That’s why we’re so focused on connecting people around podcasts perfect for them and helping podcasters attract, grow and engage their ideal audiences. We’re social because we think podcasting is the perfect catalyst to elevate our social discourse in a way that inspires, entertains, and educates.

Podcasting is the fastest growing media in the world, and we’re all about empowering creators to accelerate their growth, make a difference in the world by amplifying their impact, and earn predictable revenue doing it.

And because every podcaster and person has a cause they care deeply about, Podopolo is the ONLY podcast app where you can make a meaningful social or charitable impact – just by listening and engaging.

On Podopolo you get to hit the play button on being the change you want to see in the world - and have fun doing it.

I’m Melinda Wittstock, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Podopolo. Here’s my passion.

I’m a five time serial entrepreneur in media and tech and I’ve always believed the best content IS conversation – from my first interactive “show” at age 6 for 100 paid-up neighbors, through all my innovative businesses across interactive and personalized content, and now Podopolo. By the time I was 22, I was a correspondent on The Times of London reporting on business, media and this “new thing” called the Internet. It’s incredible to look back at that time when Steve Jobs told me I “asked the best questions.” I moved into TV as an anchor, host and producer for CNBC’s Financial Times Television, ABC News’ World News Now, and the BBC, where I created and grew a TV newsmagazine to an audience of 20 million in a few months.

Along the way, learned a lot about how to engage audiences, make great content a win for consumers and creators – and why content creators usually get left behind when it comes to making money. It’s something I’ve always wanted to change.

So I set off on my own to become a serial entrepreneur, founding 4 successful companies in broadcast media, social networking, AI-driven consumer intelligence, gamification, and technology. Each one was my “lab,” proving parts of what has now emerged as the next generation of podcasting at the intersection of social media, AI and blockchain, and creators’ economy.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Podopolo.

We’re in this to create powerful wins for consumers and creators alike – matching each effortlessly so podcast fans find their perfect podcasts and podcasters grow their reach, maximize their impact, and attract revenue to sustain impactful + profitable podcasts that make a positive difference in the world. Magic manifests when people join together around their favorite ideas, topics, causes - which is pretty much the whole point of podcasts. Learning transforms lives, ideas turn into action, followers turn into movements, conversations uplift and energize, and suddenly, communities are changed.

Origin Story
We know firsthand the power, the possibilities and the challenges of being a podcaster.

I launched my first podcast Wings of Inspired Business as a passion project, setting out to affirm and acclaim the entrepreneurial journeys of female founders like me who I believed were succeeding in silence, and ignite a community where women helped each other to soar to success. Like many podcasters, I created the show I wish I’d had when I needed it most and I wanted to give back.

Unlike many podcasters, I had a head start. I already knew how to grow audiences and engage listeners. Back in the day I had created and grown a “gamified” crowd-sourcing news app to 3 million users in just 8 months. But podcasting was different: There was no way to truly track or understand who was listening or how they were listening… because downloads didn’t tell the story. Still, like so many podcasters, I made it work… the hard way.

I found a way to grow my audience to a 1mm+ reach, creating 4 profitable revenue streams, and a special accolade: Wings was ranked #8 of 20 top business podcasts by Entrepreneur Magazine.

It wasn’t easy. I know what it’s like struggling to be discovered. I know what it’s like to burn out trying to grow and engage a community. I know how frustrating it is to be locked out of sponsor and ad revenue. I also learned that 85% of podcasters don’t make a dime – and that all but the top 1-2% with 10,000+ downloads per episode were excluded from lucrative sponsorship and advertising dollars. And I discovered that listeners and viewers were as frustrated as me trying to find and engage around podcasts, and that brands were holding back from advertising on podcasts because the lack of data was turning their ROI into guesswork. That all had to change. So I created Podopolo.

Meet Our Team Leaders

At Podopolo we’ve built an extraordinary international team of talented innovators and ‘A Players’ across technology, product, user experience and design, marketing and beyond. All together we have many hundreds of years of experience and expertise, each of us bringing to the table our unique superpowers and having fun along the way as we build a whole new media ecosystem.

Take Alex Mathews. In his spare time, he built a mobile app to transform his Honda into a driverless car. Alex is our VP of Engineering, a tech pioneer who’s made it possible to instantly serve up all known podcasts from around the world and create your own interactive and personalized podcast library.

Or Jordan Hauge, head of product at Podopolo. Every day Jordan inspires a growing team of developers and designers to bring you a superlative experience with flawless execution, always evolving with cool new features and functionality responsive to your needs and desires.

Then there’s Tyler Paget, leading our interactions with you across all social media as our Director of Social and Digital Media. Tyler lives and plays full-out, and knows how to connect meaningfully with you - just like he did at Pollen, RedBull and GoPro before.

And then to our Director of Customer Success, Jason Brandt, who is all about delivering you happiness. Jason lives and breathes our intention to deliver superlative experiences to our customers in everything we do - and he and his team attend wholeheartedly to your every need.

Want to Join the Podopolo Team?
What’s in a name?
“Podopolo? How Do You Say It?”

You may be tempted to pronounce it Podo-Polo. Like Marco Polo.

Which is fine. We don’t care how you say it so long you’re here at the party, and for the record we prefer Pod-op-olo (puh-dohp-uh-lo).

We wanted to say “podcasting” while also saying “community”, “social networking”, “fun & games”, and “mission-driven impact”.

The “pod” part was easy. The second part? Not so much.

So, we thought “polis” (or community), and something that suggested games and challenges -- that’s where the “polo” part comes in.

Mostly we just wanted to be different. And have a name as playful as we are!

Join Our Team
We’re Looking for Mission-Aligned “A Players” to Join our Inspiring Team.

Is that you?

You have something important to do in this world – a special mission, calling, and talent you want to share. You want to contribute that something to a dedicated and growing community of people also in service to the greater good. And, you really like having fun.

We continue to grow a diverse team where our differences - in experience, gender, race, and talent - are our strengths. A team united by a common mission to enhance lives, empower people, and transform our world.

We believe in democratizing the discovery, engagement, and monetization of podcast content, shifting the balance of power for independent content creators worldwide - while providing the very best experience for our growing community of listeners.

Are you a full-stack, front-end or back-end developer, a data scientist, or blockchain innovator? A marketing whiz? An operational ninja? A video or audio producer? A financial geek? We have a place for you at Podopolo. We're hiring!

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