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Built by Podcasters for Podcasters.

Not all podcast apps are created equal. Podopolo puts YOU first with cutting-edge AI and Web3 Blockchain tools that make it easy, timesaving, and rewarding to boost your audience, influence, and earning potential.

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AI Creator Tools

Shareable Clips

AI Insights

Gamified Rewards

Interactive Listening

AI Creator Tools

Shareable Clips

AI Insights

Gamified Rewards

Interactive Listening

Why Podopolo?

Get Discovered by More Fans

Let AI-powered ‘magic matchmaking’ recommendations instantly connect you with people sure to love and share your show.

Boost Audience Growth with Clips

Easily ‘capture and clip’ episode highlights with one-click share across social media. Every listen counts as an episode download. Even go viral!

Build Loyalty by Rewarding Your Fans

Fans accumulate points and prizes as they listen, with verified proof on a Blockchain wallet of who your most loyal fans are as your show grows.

Grow Advertising Revenue

Automatically unlock a growing share of revenue from topically-relevant ads that resonate with your fans – no matter your audience size.

Engage Fans with Interactive Episodes

Episode comments, DMs, and instant social sharing turn your content into conversation with your listeners or viewers.

Get Actionable Audience Insights

Transparent insights tell you exactly who is listening: Their interests, behavior, demographics, and shows they follow – all with data-driven recommendations to grow your show and land sponsors.

Customize Your Podcaster Page

Personalize your podcast listing. Add images, links, episode information. and tags to help more people find you. Add co-hosts, guests, and team members to your podcast and individual episodes. Enhance your profile with your bio, social links and offers

Real Support from Real Humans

Got a question, an idea, or feedback? Access the Podopolo podcast concierge team via the app or email for rapid response.


No Credit Card Required
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Making money from your podcast just got easier

Now there’s a simple way to cover all your podcast bills (and then some). As a Podopolo Ambassador, turn downloads into dollars.

Get paid every month for the listeners you already have when they listen on Podopolo. Learn how you can easily earn up to $2/listener.

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Effortless Time-Saving Marketing with AI

Get Instant Transcripts, Show Notes, Clips and Captions, Social Media Posts, Email and Newsletters, Custom Prompts and More.

Amplified Ad Revenue

Unlock a Bigger Share for Your Podcast by Sharing in the Growth of Podopolo, Plus Contextual Automatic Ad Placement On-Air and On-App.

Protected Content Ownership

Your Blockchain Podopolo Passport Automatically Verifies, Secures and Protects Your Copyright Ownership in a ‘GenAI’ World.

Own Your Own Audience

Leverage the Decentralized Power of Your Web3 Wallet with First-Party Data, Customizable Rewards, Plus NFTs and Smart Contracts.

Deeper Audience Insights

Understand How Your Fans Interact with Your Content, Find “Overlap” Audiences to Cross-Promote on Other Podcasts, Get More Targeted Ads.

Boosted Promotion

Amplify Your Reach with “Extra Juice” in Podopolo’s Recommendation Engine, and Be Featured on Browse, Search and Home.

Amplify Your Success

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Whatever your goals, mission, size, or podcasting experience, we have a tailor-made program for you.



“There have been a lot of new podcasting apps pop up over the last few years, and I’ve not been as excited about any of them as i am about Podopolo. This app is a game changer for both podcast hosts and podcast listeners.”

John Lee DumasHost, Entrepreneurs on fire


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Unlock the Transformational Power of Generative AI, AI-Powered Contextual Ad Targeting, Actionable Audience Insights, and Blockchain Rewards and Authentication.

  • Customizable AI and Blockchain API
  • Branded Dashboards
  • Custom Tools and Integrations
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See How Much Your Podcast Could Earn from Advertising as it Grows

Use our interactive calculator to game out what you’ll receive as Podopolo helps you grow your reach.

  • Number of Downloads (per episode)

  • Number of Episodes (per month)

  • Number of Ads Spots (per month)

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  • Storyteller

    $97 /month


  • Influencer

    $197 /month


  • VIP

    $397 /month


Here’s How We Can Offer You All This At No Cost

When you take advantage of FREE Podopolo Pro, we focus on growing your audience and revenue, and offset our costs with reduced payouts on ad placements.

As your audience grows, your share of advertising revenue also grows, and our pledge to you is that you always earn more from Podopolo than you will ever pay us.

In the FREE Pro, your show gets 30% of the ad revenue placed, and you can upgrade any time to get as much as 70% – plus a share of Podopolo’s overall ad revenue.

Bottom line, you start getting checks even if you don’t have the download numbers that normally qualify a show for advertising placement.


Plus, we pay you to bring your listeners to Podopolo!

Learn How Much You Can Make As An Ambassador

Whatever your goals, mission, size, or podcasting experience, we have a tailor-made program for you.




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