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Welcome to Podopolo, the app that makes podcasting interactive + matches you to the exact podcasts that inspire, inform, and entertain.

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make a difference

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get paid

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Find Your Podcasts, Find Your People

Do you hear that?

Pod.op.o.lo Pod.op.o.lo Pod.op.o.lo

That’s the heartbeat of a whole new world of socially interactive podcasting. Think of us as a

smart podcast ‘matchmaking’ app

– helping podcast fans like you find the right podcast at the right moment, and podcasters find, engage, and grow the perfect audience to expand their reach, influence, and earnings.

It’s a gathering place to fuel your brain, calm your soul, or open your heart – with podcasts and conversations to inspire, uplift, entertain or soothe you. It’s a haven for creators who want an easy and timesaving way to reach their goals, and a community for fans to reap valuable rewards and make a positive social impact just by listening.

top 5 reasons

To Make Podopolo Your Podcast Destination

A Timesaving Way to Discover

Easily find podcasts curated especially for you – around what you care most about. Our recommendation engine matches you to perfect bingeworthy listens – whether you want to dive deep into a true crime whodunnit, get the latest news, learn about the latest tech, investing or health hacks, grow your business, have a laugh, or deep dive into meditation. With 4.5 million podcasts, it’s all there – instantly updating episodes, shareable clips, and themed playlists to create and share as you build your personalized library.

Connect With Friends + Take the Conversation Further

Engage directly with top podcasters from all over the world, share your thoughts or a laugh, learn from others, and meet new friends as you contribute to shows and conversations, with DMs, shareable clips, and social feeds to make discovery + connection effortless - all on one app.

Get Smarter as You Enjoy the Show

Listen, laugh, and learn as you discover perfect podcasts and people to enhance your life. Sometimes you may simply want to sink into ‘by yourself’ audio solace and solitude; other times you’ll want to discuss and share ‘aha’s’, laughs, questions, or learnings with others to turn information into action that makes a difference in your life. Whatever your mood, context, or desire, there is something special for you here.

Make A Difference – Just by Listening

Podopolo is the only podcast app where you can make a measurable social impact on the planet just by listening and engaging. Imagine suddenly learning you’ve removed carbon from the atmosphere with 100 trees planted in your name or helped educate girls in Afghanistan with 100 books. You’ll also win free products and services from our sponsors and podcasters.

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Some of the 4 Million+ Podcasts on Podopolo


What People are Saying About Podopolo

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Carroll Betsey

Carroll Betsey


The social features that are available make the podcast listening experience that much better than Spotify. The ability to share and follow with my friends is a great touch!

Dalaine Gumb

Dalaine Gumb


Podopolo is definitely my favorite podcast app now! It’s really easy to use, and I’m having so much fun discovering new podcasts similar to those I used to hear. I’m looking forward to what they can bring next!

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Why It’s Time to Discover the Power of Podopolo

  • Smart recommendations tailored specifically for you from 4.5 million+ audio and video podcasts in every genre and language so you’re easily matched you to your ideal shows and new favorites

  • Powerful search so you can browse and discover what’s hot, what’s new, and what listens or views are trending with your friends

  • An easy way to create and share clips of audio and video podcasts with your friends on the app – and beyond across social media – plus curated collections and themed episode playlists on any topic

  • High-quality audio perfect for your CarPlay commute, workout, chores, lunch break, or evening

  • Social and interactive features to make it easy to find likeminded friends and favorite hosts to take the conversation further, plus one-swipe clip and episode sharing on the app with DMs and time-coded comments, and beyond across SMS, Web, Email, and Social

  • Enhanced features like speed control + sleep timers, plus optional notifications with new episodes, friend follows, and direct messages

  • Discounts, cool prizes, free products + services - and measurable giving for social impact - and accumulating rewards points

  • Strict privacy controls to safeguard your personal information and preferences

  • And much more!


Let's Personalize Podopolo Experience

What best describes you as a podcast listener?

I’m a Podcast Junkie

“I listen when I drive, workout, all the freakin’ time.”

I’m a Social Butterfly

“I wish I could chat with friends listening in real time.”

I’m an Active Learner

“I want to put what I’m learning from podcasts into action to enhance my life.”

I’m a Casual Listener

“I just discovered a few podcasts and want to find more.”

I’m a Go-Giver

“I love to pay it forward by making an impact with my listening.”

Some of the 4 Million+ Podcasts on Podopolo

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App store
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What's Your Podcast Personality?

Are you a podcast binge-listener? A ‘wav-making’ influencer? A life-long learner? Answer a few questions and we’ll shoot you a personalized report on your podcast personality. Together let’s make Podopolo your home, and your results are just one click away.

Quiz Takes 30 Seconds

Quiz Takes 30 Seconds

Podopolo's Mission

To Enlighten, Empower, Entertain, and Elevate

We’re passionate about podcasting because it has the power to improve lives and change the world.

We believe the best content inspires conversation and community – and podcasting is the perfect catalyst to elevate our social discourse beyond social media as we know it.

We believe in empowering creators to accelerate their growth, make a difference in the world, and earn predictable revenue doing it.

And because everyone has a cause or mission close to their hearts, Podopolo is the ONLY podcast app where you can make a measurable social or charitable impact just by listening and engaging.


Our ears are ringing.

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There is much more on the way

At Podopolo, we’re committed to revolutionizing podcasting and social media by innovating an interactive and ultimately immersive experience like no other. New features and enhancements debut week after week, so stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate!

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