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  • Endless ways to make an impact and get rewarded too.

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Find your podcast, find your people, find your purpose.
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The future of podcasting is here.

Find your podcast, find your people, find your purpose.

Turn your phone into a fully interactive podcast player and discover a whole new world of community, connection + content … personalized for you.

Step into the future now and unlock your special exclusive invitation to Podopolo.

Enjoy your favorite shows, discover new ones, meet friends old + new, join conversations with like minded hosts + friends, and unlock rewards as you explore, discover + contribute so you can stay informed, inspired, entertained, connected – and make a positive impact on the planet.

Two million podcasts are on Podopolo.
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Top 5 Reasons to Unlock Early Access to Podopolo’s Innovative New Podcast App
Podcast Junkie? Casual Listener? Active Learner? Social Butterfly? Podopolo is your home.

Stay Connected – Stream, discuss + share favorite podcasts, contribute to shows, meet new friends + make an impact, all on one app.

Stay Informed – Enjoy top podcasts for news, business, health, music, entertainment, lifestyle, and build your personalized library from 2 million shows.

Stay Entertained – Listen to fan faves, obscure gems, or hot new podcasts, discuss with your friends, contribute to shows + share your ideas.

Stay Smart – Put learning into action + win free products as you enhance your life with like minded friends + hosts.

Stay Empowered – Make change happen in your life + the world as your participation unlocks mission-driven social impact to improve our world.

Discover & Discuss

Listen to your favorites and “new favorite” podcasts, connect with friends + hosts, and make your voice heard.

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Collaborate & Create

Join fans-only community discussions, help shape future episodes, put learning into action, create + share playlists, get featured on-air, and more.

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Unlock Rewards

Win products, services, and discounts as you up-level your life — and even spread good around the globe.

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Are you a Podcaster?

Are you a Podcaster?

Discover how you can get found, grow your audience + get profitable faster with Podopolo™

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How it Works

It’s easy. Secure your exclusive invite now to unlock early access. Soon you’ll open up a whole new world of discovery + meaningful conversation as you build your personal listening library. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll be part of a growing network of shared interest curated communities doing great things for the world.


to your favorite podcasts and discover new ones in any genre. Build your listening library with recommendations from friends, around your interests, and via powerful search to see what’s new, trending + on fire with your friends.


Directly with friends + podcast creators one-on-one or via fandom communities and shared interest groups. Find new friends, connect with old ones, invite more, and discuss what you’re listening to in real time so you can enhance your life + make a difference in the world.


Simply for listening, sharing and contributing. You’ll be unlocking cool offers, discounts, and recognition as you browse, listen, make friends, and engage around your favorite podcasts.

When we know better,
we do better – together.

Our Podopolo Mission: To enlighten, empower, and elevate – one person, one podcast, one community at a time.

We’re dedicated to raising consciousness around the world by connecting people to world-changing content and each other – creating impactful + profitable opportunities for listeners, podcasters, and businesses to change lives, address the planet’s most pressing problems, and make sure inspiring ideas and diverse voices get amplified in the way they deserve. We believe in democratizing the discovery, engagement, and monetization of podcast content, shifting the balance of power for independent content creators worldwide.

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I believe the best content is conversation and community.

I believe your voice is your value. I believe your ideas are your passport to engage the world in your true passion and purpose.

I believe that when you leverage your voice to interact with your favorite podcasts and put learning into action … miracles manifest for you and your life … and the impact you want to have in the world.

That’s why I created Podopolo™ – your home for the transformation you want to see in yourself, and the world.

Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder

Podopolo believes the best businesses pay it forward to improve our world.

That’s why we give 10% of our earnings to charities as well as emerging brands and businesses who align in that mission.

When you participate on Podopolo by listening, connecting and contributing, you’ll be changing the world and unlocking measurable impact to address the UN Global Goals. That means you will be combating climate change, eradicating poverty, empowering diverse voices, assuring equal rights, improving healthcare, education, and much more.

When you join Podopolo you unlock rewards, recognition and social impact as you listen + share podcasts, suggest content, make friends and more.

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Praise From Our Community

“With Podopolo, Melinda has innovated the next evolution in podcasting, breathtaking in its powerful technology and beautiful mobile user experience to connect us all around inspiring podcast content in changing the world. She is solving the biggest challenges in the podcast space: Discoverability, engagement, access to transparent data, and monetization. It’s going to be MASSIVE because Melinda is the right person at the right time with exactly the right skills, insights and background to game-change a whole industry.”

Steve Little   |  
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, CEO and Founder, Zero Limits Ventures and Activist Capitalist

“Melinda is living and breathing proof of the miracles that happen when you align your business with your true dharma. I’ve watched her find her voice (and wings!) and help so many other entrepreneurs and thought leaders do the same by launching their podcasts and now with the Podopolo™ socially interactive podcasting network. She is building a truly conscious and evolved business.”

Yanik Silver   |  
Entrepreneur, Author Evolved Enterprise, Founder Maverick 1000

“Melinda is an amazing, incredible and brilliant woman, and with this she is evolving our consciousness and helping us overcome our fears to make it a much better world. She is an inspiration to me, hopefully to you too, to live a better life and make a difference.”

Lynne Twist   |  
Author, Soul of Money, Founder Pachamama Alliance

“Wonderful to be part of the cutting-edge podcast platform Podopolo! Finally, we have an opportunity to connect with listeners in a more meaningful way with gamified challenges. See you there!”

Diane Halfman

“Podopolo is reinventing podcasting to make listening and viewing truly interactive. We love that our community can earn meaningful rewards for participating and putting learning into action and changing the world as we do it.  This is more than a media company – it’s a consciousness company!”

Natalie Ledwell   |  
Co-Founder, Mind Movies, Host Not Over, Just Different

“As someone who has been podcasting since early 2016 I am so happy that a platform like this finally exists! It is about time that podcasters can finally get transparent real data and make money from relevant aligned sponsors all in the same place. Unconventional Life is beyond excited for this revolutionary tool in what has been an outdated metrics space.”

Jules Schroeder   |  
CEO and Founder, Unconventional Life

“Podopolo has done it! There is no other podcast network that delivers high-quality shows, courageous content, and gamification to keep everyone entertained and engaged. If you are looking for the next generation in podcasting, this is it!”

Ken Foster   |  
Author, Host, Voices of Courage

“Podopolo blows away the other podcast platforms with audience engagement not possible anywhere; not even Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It’s beyond social media as you know it to provide highly-engaging interactive content. I love it!”

Tony DUrso

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