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As a podcaster you know the very real pain of watching monster corporations profit from your hard work, either because you have not hit their magic threshold for downloads, or because they simply “own the platform”.

Today all that changes...

Podopolo was created to give BOTH the listener and the podcaster the very real tools they need to dramatically increase the value of each podcast.

For Your Audience, Podopolo is Freedom...

The freedom to instantly share a 15 second clip with a friend… the freedom to lead friends and family by sharing your podcast lists and favorite episodes (all controlled by the listener)... and the freedom to choose what really matters most to you. With so many features in the cue right now, it’s literally impossible to list them all.

For Podcasters, Podopolo is Ability...

The ability to have a central location for your community that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time managing. The ability to choose ad formats, the ability to get advertisers, regardless of your reach. To KNOW exactly who is listening, when they listen, and how to serve your audience best.

For those who are not sure yet, or who want to take things slow, we proudly offer our Zero Cost option for you to see for yourself what is possible when you choose a partner that truly has YOU and your listeners best interest in mind.

Regardless of your level of podcasting experience, we have a program for you.


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Top 5 reasons

The Top 5 Reasons for Podcasters to Engage on Podopolo, the App that Makes Podcasting
Social + Profitable

Get Discovered

Attract new listeners + viewers matched specifically for your podcast via Podopolo’s unique cross-promotion and recommendation engines.

Get Connected

Transform your growing community into vocal, influential + loyal viral ambassadors hanging on your every word and spreading your goodness to the world.

Get Engaged

Open your podcast up to a growing community with Podopolo’s unique social platform on-app, on-air, and beyond on social media for vibrant conversation and connection. Invite your community to comment, contribute, share and put learning into action to enhance their lives and make a positive impact on the planet.

Get Actionable Audience Insights

Know who is listening or viewing and how they’re engaging with your podcast. Unlock valuable audience intelligence + analytics not available on any other platform to grow and engage the exact raving fans to spread the word about you. Our AI system doesn’t just tell you who your ideal audience is; it tells you exactly what to do to increase your downloads, streams, and engagement.

Get Profitable

Turn downloads into more dollars. On Podopolo, leverage advertising and sponsorship placement to create or expand a reliable revenue stream for your podcast, plus opportunities to earn subscription revenue for your premium content, or your products, services and swag.

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“The Next Generation of Podcasting”
“Podopolo has done it! There is no other podcast app that delivers so many high-quality shows, courageous content, and gamification to keep everyone entertained and engaged. If you are looking for the next generation in podcasting, this is it!”

Ken D. Foster

Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Host, Voices of Courage

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Together on Podopolo, we’ll find, grow, engage and convert your audience into influential ambassadors hanging on your every word and share access to valuable + actionable audience insights and myriad ways to grow podcast revenue, even if you have a small niche audience.

It all begins with knowing your podcast personality and those results are just one click away.

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