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Podopolo is a podcaster’s paradise. We make it easy + seriously rewarding to be discovered, heard, and paid like a pro.

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Let's Personalize Your Podopolo Experience

Help us help you make Podopolo work better for you. What best describes you?

Super Casternova

Crushing it with my brilliance… So where’s the money?

Social Maven

Eager to know + engage my listeners.

Unnoticed Novice

Finally launched… Beuhler?

Podcast Pioneer

I’m a thought leader with a beat on everything new.

Mic Dropper

I’m on the verge of quitting. Nothing I do works.
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The Top 5 Reasons to Unlock Early Access to Podopolo's Innovative New Podcast App

Get Connected

Find + grow your ideal audience and turn your growing community into vocal, influential + loyal ambassadors hanging on your every word + spreading your goodness to the world.

Get Discovered

Attract new listeners matched specifically for you and your podcast via our unique cross-promotion engine + listener recommendations and other special features will help you grow your audience.

Get Engaged

Open your podcast up to our unique interactive podcasting experience on-app, on-air, on social + coming soon, live social audio discussions. Invite your listeners to comment, contribute + share., Put learning into action to enhance their lives and make a mission-aligned impact.

Get Data

Know who is listening and how they’re listening + engaging with your podcast. Unlock audience intelligence + analytics not available on any other platform so you can be responsive to your listeners, engage them meaningfully, and unlock advertising.

Get Profitable

Turn downloads into dollars. We match you with topically-relevant + mission-aligned ads and sponsors on-air + on-app as you grow and engage your community. Take advantage of opportunities to promote your products, services + swag.
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Podopolo is the penthouse for podcasters if you want to ...

  • Attract Your Perfect Audience
  • Engage + Reward Your Listeners
  • Get Paid Like a Pro

Claim your podcast, unlock exlusive access and be rewarded


What’s Your Podcaster Personality?

Are you a podcaster pioneer? Super Casternova, Mic Dropper or Unnoticed Novice? Answer a few questions and we’ll shoot you a personalized report. You’ll be able to tailor-make your early access experience, and feel right at home as soon as you enter and claim your podcast.

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You can find, grow + convert your audience into influential ambassadors (or just plain ‘ole groupies) hanging on your every word and spreading your epic awesomeness to the world. Oh, and did we mention, you can boost your discoverability with our cross-promotion + recommendation engines? Or engage your tribe with our unique interactive features? It’s true. Plus, you’ll have access to valuable listener insights so you can be responsive to your community and unlock advertising + sponsorship opportunities.

It all begins with knowing your podcast personality and those results are just one click away.

Tell Me My Podcaster Personality

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get paid

85% of podcasters don’t make a dime. We’re here to change that.

Is your podcast getting lost in the noise leaving you struggling to grow and engage your audience?

Are you frustrated figuring out how to profit from your podcast when you know podcasting is the fastest growing media of all time?

We feel you.

Too many high-quality podcasts like yours struggle to be paid for their content and value they bring to their listeners.

Not. Any. More. Not on our watch.… Podopolo is dedicated to democratizing discovery, engagement, and monetization of podcast content, shifting the balance of power for independent content creators globally, and advancing a social impact mission for world-changing outcomes.

imageunlock revenues

Oh, and, not to brag, but, we are the world’s 1st socially interactive podcasting app.

When you join Podopolo as a Pro, Influencer or VIP member, you also unlock a share of 20% of our net advertising + sponsor revenue – and other great opportunities to work directly with mission-aligned brands.

Podopolo is THE FIRST to share love + money with podcasters

While other “free” platforms profit from your audience insights, we put that data in your hands, so you can be more responsive to your listeners AND attract mission-aligned, topically relevant sponsorship and advertising. There are also premium paywall opportunities to help YOU make money sooner – and grow faster.

Podopolo has your back.
Here's how we're solving podcasting's biggest problems


01Gaining Attention

Get recommended

Community-curated recommendations within the app spread the word about you like wildfire.

As you build your audience on the app – or by unlocking exclusive invitations for your community – you win “pinned to the top” real estate so you can stand out in your genre, Podopolo picks, or trending podcasts.

Utilize our in-app + on-air cross-promotion

Get connected to new audiences via shows that share your demos.

Go mobile

Take advantage of your own branded experience on iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Leverage full social sharing across SMS + all social networks.

Get shared more easily

Our direct integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram + beyond makes it simple for listeners to sing your praises instantly.

Can you say insider access?
Our Audience Insights Change Your Game

Most podcast data is insufficient

Most podcasters aren’t attracting sponsors and advertisers… simply because no one knows who is listening or watching.

Advertisers pursue only 1% of podcasters.

They must “play the odds”, advertisers put their money behind podcasts with large audiences (~10,000+ downloads an episode).

Most podcast platforms and social networks also keep in-depth audience data a closely guarded secret.

This is how they make money - by sharing your detailed audience data with advertisers and sponsors - not you.

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