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Get ready to hear Chiquis like never before. In her new podcast, “Chiquis and Chill,” the Latin Grammy winner shares her experience growing up in a famous household, how she’s managed to be so successful in the male-dominated music industry and how she navigates relationships. We’ll also explore health, beauty, entrepreneurship and some spicier topics with special guests. EDITOR'S NOTE “It’s a look inside my diary at moments from my past, the beautiful things happening in my present, and conversations with people I admire,” says Chiquis, singer-songwriter and host and creator of Chiquis and Chill, Apple Podcasts’ Spotlight show for September 2022 and Latine Heritage Month. "It’s my stories, as a Latina who lives her life in Spanglish.” The Latin Grammy winner made her dream of starting a podcast a reality back in November 2021, partnering with iHeartRadio’s My Cultura podcast network to launch Chiquis and Chill, giving her a platform to share her stories. “It was the perfect home where as a Latina creator I felt seen, supported and loved,” she says. “It’s really a collaborative project where I work closely with my producers to cover topics that resonate with our community, topics I want to speak freely about, and topics that aren’t talked about enough.”  With new episodes every Monday and Wednesday, Chiquiswelcomes guests she looks up to from the Latine community and connects with fans through her Dear Chiquis segment, where she responds to questions and gives advice. “It truly warms my heart to be able to give them guidance where I can,” she says. “The best part about connecting with fans through a podcast is that it’s intimate. Yes, in my music I pour out my heart and soul, but in my podcast I’m opening up about topics that as a community we don’t often speak about. It’s truly about making a difference.”  Throughout the show, her authenticity is undeniable. “I want to inspire my listeners. I want to give them hope and motivate them,” she says. “I want to have those courageous conversations that as Latinos we sometimes feel we can’t have, and I want to have them in Spanglish because that’s who I am and that’s how I communicate authentically with my listeners.”