Leverage Podcast Advertising Like Never Before

Interactive Podcasting Ad Placement for Unbeatable ROI

Get matched with hyper-engaged
communities, and data-driven opportunities for unprecedented advertising ROI you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re a brand sponsor or an advertiser seeking to connect directly with engaged audiences pre-qualified for your offer, Podopolo™ is your home to leverage podcast advertising like never before.

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Why Podcast ADs on the Podopolo Podcast Network
Deliver Measurable Results
Listeners Buy Products
From Podcast Ads


of users say they purchase when they hear an ad on a podcast

Interactive Podcasts Drive
More Engagement


more engagement than Radio or TV

Gamified Targeting Beats
Facebook & Instagram


brand-to-consumer engagement (compared to 1.2% on Facebook; 4.2% on Instagram)

Podcasts Attract Powerful,
Loyal Audiences

165 Million

Americans report listening to podcasts regularly

Tune in Regularly

103 Million

users listen to 6+ hours of podcasts each week

Podopolo™ Connects you
to Pre-Qualified Audience

Secure Placement

on podcasts that attract affluent, educated, & engaged audiences.

100,000,000+ Audience Reach
and Growing

Your Ads Are Heard Everywhere
Podcasts are Found

When you invest in on-air advertising or sponsorship on Podopolo™ podcasts, your ads can ALSO be heard on every network or platform – including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Amazon, SoundCloud, Castbox, and more.

Podopolo network podcasts are also available on smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home, Car Play, Connected Devices and Voice SEO.

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Engaged Audiences for Every Advertiser...
Podopolo features podcasts in all genres - Business, True Crime, Comedy, Health & Fitness, Parenting, Spirituality, Hobbies and Much More!
“The Next Generation of Podcasting”

“Podopolo has done it! There is no other podcast network that delivers high-quality shows, courageous content, and gamification to keep everyone entertained and engaged. If you are looking for the next generation in podcasting, this
is it!”

Ken Foster   |  
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Host, Voices of Courage
“A Revolutionary Tool in an Outdated Metrics Space”

“As someone who has been podcasting since early 2016, I am so happy that a platform like this finally exists! It is about time that podcasters can finally get transparent real data and make money from relevant aligned sponsors all in the same place. Unconventional Life is beyond excited for this revolutionary tool in what has been an outdated metrics space.”

Jules Schroeder   |  
CEO and Founder, Unconventional Life
“Audience Engagement Not Possible Anywhere Else”

“Podopolo blows away the other podcast platforms with audience engagement not possible anywhere; not even Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It’s beyond social media as you know it to provide highly-engaging interactive content. I love it!”

Tony DUrso   |  
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and Host, The Tony DUrso Show
“More Than a Media Company… It’s a Consciousness Company”

“Podopolo is reinventing podcasting to make listening and viewing truly interactive.  We love that our community can earn meaningful rewards for participating and putting learning into action and changing the world as we do it. This is more than a media company – it’s a consciousness company!”

Natalie Ledwell   |  
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Mind Movies, Host Not Over Just Different
“Connecting in a Meaningful Way with Gamified Challenges”

“Wonderful to be part of the cutting-edge podcast platform Podopolo! Finally, we have an opportunity to connect with listeners in a more meaningful way with gamified challenges. See you there!”

Diane Halfman   |  
Host, Live Your SPALife
“Unprecedented Social Impact and Profit for Advertisers and Podcasters”

“Podopolo solves the biggest challenges in the podcast space: Discoverability, engagement, access to transparent data, and monetization. And the bonus is it allows content creators and advertisers unprecedented social impact and profit by engaging and understanding audiences in new ways.”

Steve Little   |  
CEO and Founder Zero Limits Ventures and Activist Capitalist
“A Whole New World of Discovery, Social Interaction and Impact”

“Growing my own podcast inspired me to change the game for podcasting. This is a whole new world of discovery, social interaction, mission impact … and fun. Enjoy!”

Melinda Wittstock   |  
5X Serial Entrepreneur + CEO-Founder of Podopolo™
Podcast Advertising for
Every Brand and Budget
Podopolo™ offers your brand or business the opportunity to engage and be heard on podcasts of your choice.

Choose individual podcasts, genre-specific podcasts, or on the network as a whole. You can “mix and match” on-air and on-app engagement
inventory to match any budget.

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3 BIG Reasons to Team Up
with Podopolo


A calibrated, data-driven brand/podcast
matching system

When you sponsor or advertise on the Podopolo™ podcast network, you open up a new world of real-time interaction with engaged audience communities matched perfectly to the people you want to reach and engage.


Podcast gamification + advertisers/sponsors
= next-level engagement and results

Podopolo™ is the first-ever social podcasting network with “gamified” audience engagement. We connect podcasters and advertisers to communities deeply engaged with compelling content, and each other.


Our users are rewarded for tuning in,
and doing good.

The Podopolo™ podcast network incentivizes daily active social interactions by rewarding and recognizing podcast audience members as they contribute to “content as conversation”, unlock levels of achievement as they put learning into action in their lives, and take challenges to spread good in the world with mission-driven impacts.

Partnering with Podopolo:™ Deep Audience Intelligence for Predictable ROI

Podopolo™ believes the most effective podcast advertising is deeply relevant to people’s lives – their interests, needs, desires, and circumstances.

That’s why we carefully match advertisers and sponsors to highly-engaged podcast network communities with desired demographics, psychographics, interests, and behaviors we KNOW will be interested in your offer – to create incredible results on-air and on-app.

Here’s how:

Engage Directly with On-App Sponsored Challenges

Podopolo™ engages podcast listeners and communities in challenges as they interact with content, unlock levels of achievement, and make an impact on the world with mission-driven initiatives.

This is your opportunity to engage directly with growing communities of interest – and reward them with your products, services, special offers, or social recognition.

Leverage Intimacy and Trust with On-Air Host Reads

When a podcast host reads your ad, it’s a direct and personal endorsement of your brand.

Podcast hosts on the Podopolo™ podcast network bring their own personal style to every ad read, and their audiences pay attention, and trust their endorsements.

Take Advantage of Our Creative Programmatic Opportunities

Another option is dynamic ads – specifically targeted to exactly the demographic and psychographic you want to reach.

We’ll work with you to determine strategies and podcast advertising creative that will deliver the best ROI.

Leaderboards, Smart Chat, Push Notifications, Podiums, Badges and Other On-App Display Opportunities

Display and interactive opportunities on-app for laser-targeted engagement.

Take advantage of Podopolo™ Chat’s 90% open rate (compared to 1-2% on email) and 18.7% brand-engagement rate (1.2% Facebook, 4.2% Instagram) with Sponsored Activity Cards.

Ready to learn more, or get started?
We Craft A Custom Campaign To Meet Your Specific Goals
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Each campaign we create is personally tailored to meet your specific advertising goals.

The shows we select are based on a number of criteria including topical matches, listener demographics, psychographics, interests, engagement, influence, and intent – as well as airing deadlines, budget restrictions, and more.
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On-Air and On-App Interactive Inventory
We represent a diverse and fast-growing inventory of podcast on-air ad inventory and on-app targeted engagement.

Our dynamic interactive network is growing fast – launching with 250 shows to reach 100MM+ monthly listeners – and projected to add thousands more to our top lineup. We’ll be sure to create a winning campaign for you.
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A Bespoke Podcast Ads Matching Team
Our team is ready to assist you with your podcast advertising needs.

Whether you're just interested in learning more about this exciting new medium, or you're ready to create your first campaign right now, we'll walk you through the entire process.

We'll work closely with you to produce results that meet or exceed your business goals and objectives.
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Host-Read Ads and Dynamic Ads
We sell a variety of on-air podcast ad and sponsor units – 15 second, 30 second, 45 second, and 60 second pre-roll, midroll and end-roll credits.

The most popular are ads personalized, read by the host, and baked into the episode with compelling creative. However, we also offer dynamic ads targeted to specific audience segments.

We'll work with you to determine which ad format makes the most sense for your campaign.
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Measurement + End-to-End Management
Podopolo™ provides deep audience intelligence data and detailed reporting on your on-air ad spots and on-app engagements, including episode information, download counts, listener engagement, and air checks.

We'll also enable you to track leads and conversions from your podcast advertising. You will get weekly or monthly reports, and you can also get a real-time dashboard.
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Let Us Manage Your Creative
Podopolo™ enables you to work closely with our podcast hosts so you have a message that resonates best with their audience.

The best ads incorporate storytelling and a personal message with the benefits and outcomes of your product or service with a call to action. On Podopolo™ we recommend you combine on-air advertising CTAs with sponsored challenges that engage the listener in multiple formats over time.
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