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We’re excited to partner with you as a valued member of the growing Podopolo family and open up all the upgraded interactive audience-building and money-making power of Podopolo Pro.

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Of course, our lawyers have a few things we need to confirm with you so our team can get to work placing advertising for you.

By upgrading to our Zero Cost Pro Starter Pack here, you are accepting our Podopolo Podcaster Terms of Service. You may cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

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What To Expect Once You Upgrade

Our team is here for you every step of the way to optimize your success:

Onboarding Call

We meet at your earliest convenience to learn about your mission, your goals, challenges, preferences, and your most pressing needs so we can best support your success

Advertising Kickoff

We take you through our advertising and sponsorship placement process, analyze your audience to match you with relevant and mission-aligned advertisers, get your preferences on target brands and businesses (plus your “never on my air” list), and more

Develop Promotional Opportunities

We guide you through all the ways to optimize your podcast channel with custom features and engagement tools, and load up your podcast in all our promotional rotations on the app and website

Give You ‘Jump the Queue’ Heads Up on New Features

You’ll get an exclusive head start on leveraging all the many powerful new features debuting on Podopolo.

How Soon Will I Start Receiving Payments?

Once onboarding is complete, Podopolo starts representing your podcast to advertisers. We’ll need some information from you, and it can take 60-90 days before the first on-air advertisements are placed and fulfilled. We do everything we can to accelerate the process. Different advertisers and advertising networks have different payment terms, and you will receive payments for ads placed on your podcast 30 days net of receipt to Podopolo.

How Much Money Can I Expect from Advertising?

This depends on many factors, including your audience size and level of engagement, so that’s why Podopolo focuses on helping you also grow and engage your community as we work to help you earn more money from podcasting no matter your audience size. On the Zero Cost Starter Pack Pro, our costs are offset by reduced commissions on the ad revenue we generate for you until you see the full value, and then you can change to any paid plan of your choice to significantly boost your percentages. With the Zero Cost ‘Starter Pack’ you receive 30% of all advertising and sponsorship revenue placed. You can upgrade at any time to any paid package to significantly increase your advertising payout to as much as 75%. On the paid plans, you also unlock your share of 20% of our overall net advertising revenue placed for all podcasts.

What Can I Expect from Subscription Revenue Opportunities?

As a Podopolo member podcaster, you’ll have unlimited calls to action on your podcast channel, as well as any episode playlists you create. That means you can ask your listeners or viewers to pay for your premium content, for example, ad-free content, early episode drops, bloopers or behind the scenes access. It is up to you! You can also leverage your growing community on Podopolo, and the actionable audience intelligence, to craft compelling offers for any courses, products or services you sell. Payments are secure, and all payment information is strictly private. If you’re on the Zero Cost Starter Pack Pro, Podopolo receives 20 percent of the revenue you generate, with no in-app payments due to Apple or Google. When you wish, you may upgrade to a paid plan to reduce transaction fees.

Remind Me What I Get on the Zero Cost Starter Pack?

Free Advertising and Sponsorship Sales Representation

for on-air ad placements to create or expand a revenue source for your podcast, no matter your audience size.

Opportunities to Earn Subscription Revenue

for your premium content, ‘cut in line’ early episode drops, and built-in engagement tools to upsell your e-courses, products, or services.

Boosted Discovery to Expand Your Reach and Engagement

so your podcast can stand out from the crowd with custom branding.

Community Reward Engine

for increased engagement and fun with a built-in reward system just for YOUR community.

Audience Intelligence with Actionable Insights

to grow and engage the exact raving fans to spread the word about you. Our AI system doesn’t just tell you who your ideal audience is; it tells you exactly what to do to increase your listens, views and engagement.

Real-time Connections to Other Podcasters

for joint promotions and supercharged ‘pinned to the top’ promotion on the app.

Real Support, From Humans

with daily access by phone and email for rapid turnaround.

Cut-in-Line Access to our Most Powerful New Features

before they are made public!

All this at zero cost and no risk to you for the next 12 months - so you can experience the value firsthand.

In the meantime, our costs are offset by reduced commissions on the ad revenue we generate for you until you see the full value, and then you can change to any paid plan of your choice to boost your percentages and add to that by unlocking your share of 20% of our overall net advertising revenue placed for all podcasts.

Want a Bigger Percentage of Advertising Revenue Right Now?

Podopolo also offers paid options starting at $47 a month that allow you an increased percentage share of the advertising revenue we place on-air on your podcast - as well as a share of 20% of the OVERALL net advertising revenue placed on all podcasts, plus opportunities to earn revenue from on-app advertising.

I’ll Start with the No-Cost Option

Some of the 4 Million+ Podcasts on Podopolo


Here’s how we’re solving podcasting’s biggest problems:

Challenge #1

Increase Your Podcast’s Reach

Challenge #2

Get Listeners + Viewers Highly Engaged

Challenge #3

Earn What’s Rightfully Yours

Get recommended and more easily discovered.

Community-curated recommendations within the app spread the word about you like wildfire.

As you build your audience on the app – you unlock “pinned to the top” real estate so your podcast stands out in your genre, Podopolo picks, or trending podcasts.

Community-curated recommendations within the app spread the word about you like wildfire.

As you build your audience on the app – or by unlocking exclusive invitations for your community – you unlock win “pinned to the top” real estate so your podcast stands out in your genre, Podopolo picks, or trending podcasts

Utilize our in-app + on-air cross-promotion.

Get connected to new audiences via shows that share your audience interests, demographics, location, friend relationships and more.

Go mobile and social.

Take advantage of your own branded experience on iPhone, Android, and iPad - where you can interact meaningfully with your growing audience

Leverage full social sharing for your podcast, its episodes and more - in-app and across SMS + all social networks.

Get shared more easily to grow your community.

Our in-app sharing via DMs, episode playlists, and clips - as well as our one-click social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS + beyond makes it simple for listeners and viewers to sing your praises instantly - and help you grow your audience.

Can you say insider access?

Leverage Actionable Audience Insights to Change Your Game

Most podcast data is insufficient.

Most podcasters aren’t attracting sponsors and advertisers… simply because no one knows who is listening or watching or what their audience cares about.

That means advertisers don’t know if your audience is interested in or pre-qualified for any offer they’d place on your podcast.

So they “play the odds” - looking for large numbers because they lack any true insight into how many in your audience will convert to their offer.

That’s why advertisers pursue only 1% of podcasters.

Advertisers put their money behind podcasts with large audiences (~10,000+ downloads an episode) because they lack the data-driven insights to know or predict with any certainty how many listeners or viewers will make a purchase as a result of hearing or watching an ad.

Meantime, most podcast platforms and social networks also keep in-depth audience data a closely guarded secret from podcasters like you.

This is how they make money - by sharing your detailed audience data and insights with advertisers and sponsors - not you.

Podopolo’s actionable audience insights go deeper - and provide more opportunity.

Our intel is your intel - and totally accessible to you. (And we respect the privacy of our users and podcasters,so we don’t sell data or insights to anyone, ever!)

Our actionable audience insights will show you:

  • Who’s listening or viewing
  • How long they listen or watch
  • How they engage with your podcast
  • What interests people in your audience
  • And much more...

Even if you don’t “need” advertising - these actionable insights help you shape content and offers.

The more you know about your audience the more successful you will be shaping your content to serve them best – as well as crafting irresistible offers and products targeted to their specific needs and circumstances.

Using these insights, we pair you with topical + mission-aligned advertisers and sponsors.

Hate random “Why am I seeing this?!” ads? So do we. That’s why we use our data to pair you with relevant “just-right” brands your audience will love.

Your podcast is paired with the right advertiser based on: Shared Interests. Demographics, Location, Behavior. Mission. Impact
… And beyond.

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