5X Serial Entrepreneur, Podopolo CEO & Founder, and Wings of Inspired Business Host Melinda Wittstock on Finding Her Voice with Podcasting

It started as a passion project, a “side hustle”, and an intention simply to create the female mentoring for women in business I wish I’d had starting out all those years ago.

Back in the day when I was often the “only woman in the room”, I yearned for a female role model, a woman mentor who had “been there, built that” and could help me navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

It was isolating. It was lonely. It was frustrating.

You see, women didn’t fit the entrepreneurial stereotype: You know, a dude in his 20s in a hoodie, a dropout from MIT, Harvard or Stanford inventing something in his garage, eating ramen.

Female founders, especially in tech like me, were living in a forced scarcity, getting only 2% of the available venture capital funds, competing for “scraps” with little time or inclination back then to help each other. 

I knew there had to be another way, and I had dreamed of a time when women mentored each other, promoted each other, bought each other’s products, invested in each other.

So a couple of years ago I set out to change the face of entrepreneurship with a podcast called Wings of Inspired Business.

I set a goal to interview women who had built 7-, 8- and 9-figure businesses like me on what was then a daily show, and at first, I feared I would run out of interviewees.

Now I’ve blown past 500 episodes, and I am blown away by the number of women who were “succeeding in silence” – building inspiring businesses on their own terms and reinventing the way business is done.

As I started interviewing incredible women – women like Kara Goldin, who has built Hint Water into a $2bn Unicorn, or Ping Fu, who invented 3D printing, I started to see a pattern emerge … about what it takes for a female founder to manifest the confidence, connections, and capital to scale big in business.

It was about the courage to step into our authentic feminine power – the willingness to write our own rules and leverage our innate intuitive, empathetic, and collaborative “SuperShero” powers to remake business in a way that serves, nurtures, and lifts others up.

I noticed something else: The women in business who succeed on that scale have a unique mindset leveraging openly what would have been dismissed as “woo woo” only a few years back. The power of gratitude, intention, acting on “divine downloads” of inspiration. A resilience born of natural curiosity, an unshakeable mission and vision executed with a fast-learning flexibility.

As I celebrate this 500-episode milestone, I marvel about all that my podcasting side-hustle passion project manifested for me: The deep relationships with women founders that I had craved all along, the opportunity to truly BE the change I wanted to see in the world with my “give forward” to promote their businesses, myriad new revenue streams I had never thought of when I first plugged in my microphone – and now this wonder that is Podopolo.

If podcasting was a “someday” project for you, today is “someday”.

It’s hard to truly quantify the benefits that come from talking to amazing people on my podcast – I feel I have a “personal mastermind” that is making me a better CEO and founder with this 5th company of mine, as I share so many important learnings of my own and my guests to lift women in business.

These days I also help mission-driven founders and thought leaders create their own magnetic and profitable podcasts – sharing everything that worked for me to build Wings into the success it is today, reaching 1 million people and ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of its top 20 recommended business podcasts.

Your voice IS your value, and if you’re being called to launch a podcast, let me help you. I am forming groups right now to work with me to get their podcasts launched with proven marketing and monetization strategies.

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Melinda Wittstock is a 5-time serial entrepreneur, an award-winning journalist, TV anchor and producer, the CEO and Founder of Podopolo, and a loving mom to two teenagers and a golden retriever.